Caught Alive! Media can be described as many layers.

On the outer layer, Caught Alive! is a media production company and clothing line that is currently owned and operated by a single person, DM Phan (aka DM Tragedy). The company itself specializes in photography and video production. Using these skills, Caught Alive! was able to expand and create it’s own line of apparel and accessories.

Take a step into the middle layer, and you’ll find the owner and his relationship with his friends and family. With his background in the world of music business, Caught Alive! grows on the ideas of clients being more than just clients and fans being more than just fans, but every person Caught Alive! gets the opportunity to work with is also a friend. Caught Alive! fully understands that the people that supports Caught Alive! are the reason it thrives and grows.

Finally, you step into the core; the meaning of “Caught Alive!”.
Caught Alive! was first declared in 2006. Although it wasn’t known by many, the name was there and was going to stay. Around that time, there was an increasing awareness for suicide prevention.

Caught Alive! was created as a message towards those who feel like their life is not worth living. The message wasn’t, and isn’t, just towards ideas of suicide, but also towards anyone who just want to give up the fight for their life. The world is filled with disease, disabilities, and death, and sometimes a few words are all it takes to change someone’s life. Caught Alive! is a message to those who feel like they’re not strong enough, who feel like their life is not worth living, who feel like it is a crime for them to be alive.

The motto “Get Caught Alive!” was developed as a phrase to spread the ideas of living, telling people to make sure they get up everyday, and make sure someone catches them being alive! It can be a simple “Hi”, a quick phone call, or even a hug. Just make sure that, at least once a day, someone knows you’re alive. Make sure you’re fighting to stay alive, and to feel alive!


To those who feels like they’re struggling, and need set of ears to listen to their story, feel free to contact me. The CONTACT tab sends an email directly to me. I am not a professional counselor, or a therapist, nor have I been through every difficult situation in the world, but I can promise I will listen, and I will give any advice I can if you’d like me to. I am not available 24/7, but my phone is always by my side, and I WILL reply whenever I can.


| life is worth living | dreams are worth having |